I am a videographer and video editor based in the UK. My passion is to create innovative and inspiring films. I love creating documentaries, and capturing stories that have never been told before! There is the latest 'Powered by Plants" documentary, where I got to work with the lovely Simon Tomlinson from Genuine Productions, my role including editing and filming, which was a blast to be apart of.  I was also the videographer and editor for 'From Africa to Britain', which was produced by Desiblitz. The full feature documentary explored the lives of Africa Asians being expelled from Kenya and Uganda in the 60s. There are further plans for the documentary in 2021, but it has been released onto DVD and a short version to be released onto Youtube soon. 


It's not just documentaries but promotional videos and events as well. I love being creative, especially when it comes to editing. I always aim to create fun and interesting videos. I create graphics using After Effects and have easy access to royalty-free music too. In 2019 I made an opening segment for an upcoming series called 'The Chase'(Fightclub Productions) the segment was created using After Effects and you can check it out on my Video Gallery.

I have been working with my trusty Panasonic G7 Lumix camera for years. It allows me to shoot in 4k.  I pair it with the Sigma 17-50mm lens which allows me to capture high-quality crisp footage. I've worked with a range of camera equipment over the years, and thoroughly enjoy learning and experimenting with the different ways of capturing footage. 

Please feel free to contact me below for more information. 


What I do:

I aim to make high-quality videos for all of my clients, whether it's short films, documentaries, or promotional videos. I can shoot footage up to 4k and ensure all footage is crisp, clear, and smooth. 

Editing takes place using Adobe Software. My services include:

  • Audio Fixing

  • Grain/Noise Removal

  • Colour Grading

  • Graphics (Logos, Transitions, etc)

  • Royalty-Free Music (Access to royalty-free music)

Filming Equipment:

  • Lumix Panasonic G7 (4k)

  • Zhiyun Crane (Gimbal)

  • Lighting Equipment 

  • Sound equipment (Rode Mics) 

and all your other essential equipment such as tripods.

* I also have a DJI Spark drone. It does shoot in Hd but please let me know where filming would take place as Drone regulations are constantly changing. 


Feel free to get in touch below for more details.